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By on November 7, 2019

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2019 IRCA Annual Meeting Feedback
I attended the Annual Meeting and Trade Show *
LOCATION (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
FOOD (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
SESSION 1 (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
BUSINESS MEETING (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
SESSION 2 (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
TRADE SHOW (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
ESPN’s Michael Wilbon (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
Overall Rating of Topics and Meeting (A=Excellent-D=Needs Improvement)
Would you be interested in attending a spring roundtable meeting in May 2020?
Would you be interested in attending the fall meeting next year?

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