2020-21 Officers and Directors

By on November 14, 2019

Please welcome your new officers and directors:


President- Rob Amos (Amos Exteriors)
Vice President- Stacy Agnew (CE Reeve Roofing)
Treasurer/ Executive Director- Bill Bubenzer


Director- Anthony Cooper (Smither Roofing)
Director- Butch Lockhart (Roof Solutions)
Director- Chris Huntington (AAA Roofing)
Director- Dan Mirer (B&L Sheet Metal and Roofing)
Director- Greg Griffin (South Central Roofing)
Director- Ken Sage (Midland Engineering)
Director- Ron Phelps (Horning Roofing)
Director- TJ Elbert (Elbert Construction)
Past President- Dan Becker (Danco Roofing)


Delegate Board- Ken Ballone (ATAS International, Inc.)
Delegate Board- Jim Wallen (AAdvanced Building Products, LLC/ Carlisle)
Delegate Board- Randy Brawley (ABC Supply)

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