2020 Roundtable Lunch and Meeting Registration

Please complete this form, then submit. You can also print or fax back:

Indiana Roofing Contractors Association
910 N. Highland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46202

Att: Bill Bubenzer- Executive Director

(O) 317-635-2928
(F) 317-685-8876
(C) 317-439-4169
(E) info@indianaroofing.org

Roundtable Lunch and Meeting Registration
We would like to know who filled out this form, in case we have any questions
Please provide the name of the company you work with
We need to know if you are member so we know what rate to charge
Give us your cell number or office number, in case we have to contact you
OK, you know we were going to ask sooner or later
Lunch cost is $15.00/ person (member) and $45.00/ person (non-member)
The cost is $300.00 (members only)
Please tell us what you owe (lunch, sponsorship, golf) Payment can be made by check: Indiana Roofing Contractors Association, 910 N. Highland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202), or going to our website http://www.indianaroofing.org/payment/